Saturday, June 25, 2011

New cute sayings from Milena.

"Roger That Mama!"

"Mommy, you're a woman and you have lot's to do"

Also, fun new developments and activities include counting to 30 (especially with peas or grapes), pointing out her favorite colors (blue, pink and yellow), identifying shapes, riding her red trike, planning her 3rd birthday party, reading books, singing songs and dancing in the living room and playing dress up at bedtime. There other night she came out in four different costumes after bedtime (pirate, princess, ballerina and pirate-fairy). Cute! At least we don't have the sleep on her floor anymore :-).

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Small Victories

So happy to declare a small victory (at least for now) on potty training! No accidents for two weeks today- hooray!! M is also now getting herself in and out of the car which is a huge weight off this pregnant mommy and she is helping me prepare dinner and starting to clean up her room before dessert. I can't believe how much a 2 year old can do! I never expected such independence at such a young age. Now, if we could just make some progress at bedtime which is still a major undertaking every night. Thankful for patient papa these days!
Me: M, how was your day at school today?

M: I cried all day, "mommy, mommy where are you?" (usual answer every day after school)

Me: Hmmm really? Just cried all day- nothing fun at all? Dancing? Yoga? Playing Outside? Craft time? Puppet show? Dress up time? Books and show and tell? Snack time? All crying for mommy?

M: Oh, well....I guess I did dance like a ballerina :-) AND there are puddles in the playhouse!

Me: Oh good, I'm glad school's not all bad!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


One of M's favorite Christmas gifts is a bunny puppet from grandpa S. While she asked and asked for a teddy bear, "bunny" has become the absolute must have at all moments of the day since she opened him. Bunny has also become quite the little helper for mommy and daddy. M will do almost anything Bunny asks her to do- use the potty, change her clothes, eat more dinner, get her coat on for school. Who knew that this stuffed beast would make our life just a little easier with an independent two-year old!! We will all see how long this last but for now I'm always willing to stuff my hand in that fuzzy guy's back end and squeak out some directions.

Monday, October 11, 2010

M is developing in leaps and bounds and her vocabulary is taking off in both languages. She knows her numbers from 1-15 in English and Spanish, both alphabets, colors, shapes, days of the week, and animals. They say she fully understands the predominately Spanish speaking educators at daycare and is very active in helping other toddlers- especially with leading dance circles and helping other kids paint inside the lines. She can't get enough books, sings songs like "A Boy and A Girl in a Little Canoe," "Twinkle, Twinkle." and ABCs and happy birthday song. She also was introduced to Lauri Berkner from Auntie E and loves "Pig on Her Head" and "DoodleBug Song."

She loves riding her bike around and around the block looking for cats in the neighborhood, playing at the park, visiting the library and helping mommy cook and cut fruit with her big girl toddler knife. She is painting daily and doing puzzles and building towers out of blocks but still gives priority time to her babies. She loves playing with her cousins and friends and asks for them regularly. She is off the pacifier, in her big girl bed and on her way on potty training. She is the sweetest little thing and a joy everyday!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First night M has gone to bed without the pacifier. She didn't ask for it at bedtime so we just went for it. Sleeping soundly so far!! Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bi-lingual daycare is paying off! M shared her multi-lingual prowess when she counted from 1-10 in English and Spanish to Mimi last week! I was blown away because I had no idea she could count that high at all! We had just covered 1-3 at home :-) I guess she was showing off just a little bit. Since then, she counts everything in whatever language she feels like. Her teachers say she is starting to learn up to 20 and her alphabet is coming along as well. She knows many of her animals in both languages and who knows what else! I only hope I can keep up. Love being a mama!